Patient Reviews


Dear Doctor Laemmer and staff,

I want to thank you all for my new smile. A great smile has been a dream of mine for a long time, and I now have it, thanks to you. I cannot express the kindness and caring I received from you and your staff. The degree of professionalism along with the friendly small town atmosphere cannot be matched. How fortunate we are to have your dental facility, and all that it offers, right here in Bradford. So thank you again Dr. Laemmer, Jen, Yvonne, Jamie and Christa. Here’s smiling at you!


Jill Taylor

I credit Dr. Laemmer over and over every day for his experise in dentistry. I will be forever grateful. I'm glad I waited as long as I did to have my teeth fixed because I don't think anybody else could have done such a perfect job. I'm totally pleased with my "million dollar smile" Thanks, Dr. Laemmer.

Barbara S.eavily bonded...

Dear Doctor Laemmer,

2 years of migraine headaches, expensive medicines, and having to leave work, or just stop what I was doing and lay down came to a stop after going to see you for jaw pain.

Now when I feel my tension headaches coming on (a tightness in the lower ear, and jaw) I put my mouth piece in that you provided me. Within 20 minutes I havef total relief, no having to lay down!!! The best part is I can keep doing what I was doing without having to stop.

Thanks again
Dr. Laemmer, life is good!!!

Dear Dr. Laemmer:

It’s hard for me to put into words how thankful I am for my new smile. When I was small, I was told after every school picture, “How come you have that stupid look on your face? I don’t even want to buy these!” These words were repeated almost every year. One year, in 6th grade, I even tried taking my glasses off, attempting to take away “that stupid look”. Instead, she complained, “ Why would you take off your glasses?” Needless to say, for every school photo, I would be in tears and be physically sick.

As an adult, my being physically sick at photos did not lessen. When viewed, I saw nothing but that, “ugly stupid look”. I found ways of not having my picture taken. I was always the family photographer for every occasion. Since I love to take photographs I became very good at it, and nobody ever made me get into the photo. My wedding pictures I cried through. My stomach sick just knowing I would be the one ruining the pictures. My children each have photo books of their life. Very few pictures of myself are in them. I know this bothers them. They understand how depressed and upset I get.

I have been through therapy; I am a nurse; I have a minor in psychology. I realize these are words of a frustrated parent. The mindset of childhood insecurities (must grow out of). When I am in front of the camera, I am on the verge of tears. My stomach is queezy. My body goes into the fight/flight mode. I tell myself as an adult, it’s only an old reflection from childhood.

Dr. Laemmer took pictures of the work being completed on my teeth and panic hit. I was on the verge of tears. In my mind he did a lot of work - stop acting like a child. Telling myself I would never actually have to see the pictures, I relaxed. “Yes”, I still refuse to see the pictures. Yet, at my dad’s 80th birthday party, I was photographed with the family without being sick and scared. The child is finally gone. My friends love my smile. It has changed my whole life. I even look into mirrors now. I’m thinking about lipstick!

One of the most perfect things is that now, when I bite down to eat, my lower and upper teeth meet. I can actually have a normal bite, which makes chewing normal for the first time in my life. You see, before, when I would bite down, I would get sores on the roof of my mouth due to my over-bite and jaw structure.

When I would bit down, I could slip my thumb between the top and bottom teeth. I had a top plate when I met Drs. Laemmer and Todd. The top plate would fall out even after applying denture glue. In the last seven years I have almost choked to death a dozen or more times. The last time, when I had to give myself the Heimlich maneuver over a chair at home, I knew it was time.

To both Dr. Dave Todd and Dr. Laemmer I feel as lucky as a person you would seen on Extreme Makeovers. That is how much these two did for me. I am a person who loves to make others laugh. Now I can join in without putting my hands over my mouth. Maybe some day I will look at pictures Dr. Laemmer as, just not now.

God bless you both, Karen K.

Thank you for recommending the N.T.I Device. Since I have been using the NTI Device I do not have a stiff neck, sore jaw muscles, or headache in the morning.

I would recommend this device for anyone who maybe grinding there teeth, the device is a little expensive, but I feel it was worth it!

Dan Taylor

I came to Dr. Laemmer with 6 heavily bonded teeth (circa 1990) which covered a large gap in my 2 front teeth. Dr. Laemmer put together a 3 man team to take me back to a more natural look.

Dr. Chris Cole removed the bonding and took me through the process of braces. Dr. David Todd, the oral surgeon, inserted 5 implants to fill in the gaps from previously removed teeth. Dr. Kurt Laemmer put in 11 onlays, replaced a silver filling, and helped me whiten my teeth.

I was very comfortable with this caring team of doctors and their staffs. I would sincerely recommend them withoug any hesitation.

Thanks to Doctors Laemmer, Cole, and Todd, I now have the smile I've always admired in others